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1 2012-05-25

Doing MHA testing with Percona and ha-proxy.

2 2012-05-21

Finally liberated this page from EmacsWikiMode onto O-blog.

OrgMode is a nice upgrade.

Now to do some elisp to auto publish to Twitter/facebook…</killingtime>;

3 2011-03-02

Finished up a week of installing several operating systems.

The updated ruby benchmarks are up at here

OpenBSD and DragonflyBSD hae both shown a lot of improvement since 2009.

4 2011-01-09

Been working at Involver.com since I left IBM.

Nice to be out in the SFBAY area and away from Texas heat.

Have some time off to finally work on some NetBSD items I have been bouncing around for a while.

Hopefully finish vm(4) and boot up some of the older ports for testing/documentation updates.

5 2010-06-10

Leaving IBM after eleven years on Monday. New job working on Ruby/Performance out in SF. Looking at a G1 Android phone to test ruby/clojure as Zaurus is just too slow these days for ruby.

6 2010-02-14

Helping test for regressions in NetBSD current

Went to Developer-Day here in Austin.

Checking out Jruby for those places where ruby binaries lack.

Learned about Clojure and am impressed with it so far as I try to pick it up.

Some work on ZFS on NetBSD to help stabilize it on current.

Hmm 1 week vacation down on the Texas beach first week of March.

7 2009-12-24

Almost xmas!

8 2009-11-14

Did some Sysbench runs over OpenSolaris,Linux,Net/Open/Free on MySQL

Results here

9 2009-10-26

More benchmarks. This time for Ruby 1.9 on an 8 core system.

Available here

10 2009-09-21

Spent most the weekend hammering out updates to kunabi

The purpose being a capture program for NetBSD netstat -s, vmstat -s, and

provide looping, storing, plotting all in one interface.

Using it to capture important metrics during the rubyBench

Into an sqlite db and make it easier to chart them, as well as capture for specific durations.

Still a work in progress.

11 2009-09-02

Working on Ruby Benchmarks available at rubyBench

Results were sort of interesting.

12 2009-08-29

Got a picture with Matz at the Lone Star Ruby Conference.

He signed my laptop and shirt.


Matz and myself

Had dinner as well the day before


Matz at Dinner with Mr Bundler

13 2009-08-28

Created a working pkgsrc update for openafs on netbsd. Tested on amd64 5.x and i386 5x


14 2009-08-15

Secret to get netbsd to netboot on sparc20 is to use 'boot net-tpe' otherwise timeouts ensue.

15 2009-03-15

  • After a weekend of work have compiz working on my new Sony Vaio
  • Update /etc/mk.conf to contain: PKGOPTIONS.modular-xorg-server+=dri
  • Update pkgsrc/x11/xf86-video-intel to change x11/modular-xorg-server to wip/modular-xorg-server (assuming you have wip checked out in pkgsrc/)
  • make install in x11/xf86-video-intel
  • make install in meta-pkgs/modular-xorg- apps,fonts,libs
  • make install in graphics/glx-utils
  • make install in meta-pkgs/compiz-fusion
  • Build kernel with drm. (e.g. cd src/sys/i386/conf && grep drm ALL >> GENERIC && config GENERIC && cd ../compile/GENERIC && make depend && make && mv netbsd / && reboot)
  • Running Gnome/KDE I would run the following command
  • Cut here -----------------------------------------------

    LIBGLALWAYSINDIRECT=1 INTELBATCH=1 compiz –replace ccp &

    gtk-window-decorator &

  • Cut here -----------------------------------------------

    Could not locate a kde-window-decoration so just used gtk-window-decorator

    In Gnome there is a compiz control panel to adjust the options.

16 2009-03-10

Added support to evilwm to be able to cycle endlessly through virtual spaces in either direction.

EvilWM hacks

Acquired a SGI O2 10k, a 12K and a Octane all working.

17 2009-03-02

Added tests to a dual AMD 2.1GHZ 1GB system.

Setup same pdf but advanced 10 pages at a time inside xpdf.

Ran a CVS co out from /usr/rsync which is a mirror of netbsd anoncvs server.

Running the test on an idle system, and then again with a cvs co src running.

here and here are the results.

Will be posting total wall clock time on future runs.

Establish a base line on 5.X line and perhaps current.

Data sets: Raw CVS and Median CVS

18 2009-03-02

Been testing vncplay at http://suif.stanford.edu/vncplay/freenix05-html/

Testing interactive performance on NetBSD during compile builds

Using a large Python Programming pdf and xpdf the test just goes through 100 pages.

Test run with and without a single kernel compile.



More charts to follow on current/previous releases.

19 2009-02-13

Working on netbsd releng now.

Got flash finally working on every site I can find under netbsd.

The secret is installing wine from pkgsrc then installing the win32 version of firefox from firefox.com

Then proceed to install flash for windows. "wine installflashplayer.exe" restart firefox and poof.

Sound and all with no crashes.

20 2009-01-31

Back onto NetBSD. Got the neXTstation booting current.

21 2009-01-11

Trying to migrate the last of my home servers to the panix account.

Great setup so far. I would recommend panix to other netbsd users.

Trying to unslack on netbsd.

22 2008-12-31

Last day of the year.

Moving to virtual hosting at panix.com.

Get to keep my OS of choice and it's inexpensive.

23 2008-12-08

Got bitlbee working with Google Talk.

The key on NetBSD/pkgsrc is to change openssl to gnutls in both cases it appears in the chat/bitlbee/Makefile.

24 2008-12-07

Been working on getting nmap working on NetBSD 5.

Seems the SIOGCIFCONF is broken and need to convert nmap to use getifaddrs instead.

WAPBL fun causing laptop to not be bootable despite many fscks and tunefs -l0 /

Time to make a kernel that is WAPBL free.

fsck only cleared it when booting off other media. boot -s then fsck did not do it with a ro /

25 2008-12-03

Finally got a backtrace on the emacs crashes here

26 2008-12-02

Picked up a massive HP 9000 D class system. dmesg here

27 2008-11-27

Key to stable emacs-current and multi-tty is to not use gtk.

Way too many crashes and endless error loops in glib. On athena all works great.

Much more stable.

28 2008-11-26

Get ready to travel to east texas for Thanksgiving.

Watching the movie "Tank" from 1984. Wow is that really Shirly Jones?

Working on getting Zaurus documentation up to speed for install. 5.0 release coming soon.

Finally getting over this cold I think. Seems to be just allergies now.

29 2008-10-02

Sick as a dog. Trying to get over this damn bug. Not too productive.

Taking a poke at getting zaudio working on Zaurus.

Need to find some time to work on releng for 5.x

Have emacs doing my web browsing with w3m, and email finally working with mh-e and pgp.

30 2008-09-30

Taking a poke at Lua seems pretty simular in syntax

31 2008-09-20

Xen went boomboom

How to explain the complete frustration with trying to get the latest source on dragonflybsd without having to first cvsup their WHOLE repository…

On top of that it's SLOW checking out.

32 2008-09-18

Took today off to sleep.

Working on testing Hammer FS on Dragonfly.

Default GENERIC has no MP support.

Build it with MP support and it hangs on boot.

So sticking to UP as I only care about the Hammer testing.

Typoed and ran 'man /usr/bin/time' and got a interesting this

Untar of pkgsrc on Hammer fs (run 32 times)

33 2008-09-17

Another BSDMeet. Always fun.

  • Key to getting sxemacs to configure on NetBSD is
  • mv /bin/sh /bin/sh.orig && cp /usr/pkg/bin/bash /bin/sh # When will linux coders realize bash != sh
  • ./configure –prefix=/usr/pkg –libdir=/usr/pkg/lib –includedir=/usr/pkg/include –x-includes=/usr/pkg/include –x-libraries=/usr/pkg/lib
  • mv /bin/sh.orig /bin/sh

Now to see if it builds.

With some patching to remove assumed linuxisms it builds.

Guess the work is under the covers.

34 2008-09-16

X went boom boom error

35 2008-09-04

I get to join releng!

Get to help do the nightly builds and do pull up requests.

36 2008-09-03

A lot of Ruby…

Really tired of the memory growth and lack of native threads.

Taking a stab at python.

Really like coding in Ruby but just too slow on my meager hardware.

And for the love of god. SOAP in RUBY != Rails…

jruby should be called jrails as sqlite is only supported in active record…

37 2008-09-01

Impressed by the ultra 5.

Plays mp3s well even during large compiles with no skips.

Built-in speaker works well.

If power consumption is not too bad I might have to investigate another ultra 10.

Sun stuff always has that "unix" feel, and less of a perversion than running on a Mac g4.

38 2008-08-31

Setup my ultra 5 as my primary work station. Key to good resolution is to make sure the horiz/vert freqs are in your XF86Config.

Now to build my primary packages on my x1.

Miss using a sparc keyboard.

39 2008-08-27

Too much Ruby unittesting.. Deadlines at work.

40 2008-08-21

Another birthday.

41 2008-08-20

tftpd from xen domU not so much fun

Working on getting some machines up and tested with latest -current.

Need to work on zboot. So afraid to actually use the zaurus as I might drop it…

Seems http://bsdnews.org is up now, but seems to be ripping off articles from other folks blog.

Finally have the iwn(4) man page commited. Waiting for flackWfeedback.

42 2008-08-19

Seems over the years I remember mathesis as mauthesis… too bad. A nice non-word is always good when getting a domain.

Time-Warner business class FINALLY got around to changing the PTR records… Man they don't even try.

Now let's get ipv6 going and resurrect the OpenAFS porting effort.

The key to Sexy Fonts in NetBSD X is this

Playing with opensolaris to measure their ufs journaling write speeds. quite impressive.

43 2008-08-17

Working on porting zboot from openbsd to netbsd. So far I just load my own kernel from the linux rc.zboot script.

Would have saved me time had I read the boot(8) from openbsd first. :P

44 2008-08-14

Time to brush up on math. finally returning to the college and calculus 1 is required…

Made a patch to evilwm 1.0.0 to fix a couple of issues I could not stand.

Removed the mouse jumping to the corner on alt-tab.

Added short cuts for emacs/xlock/firefox +alt+ (e)macs/(del)xlock/(f)irefox

Made the kill key alt+q vs ctrl+alt+esc

Patch here here

45 2008-08-12

Finally got up a new domain to free up linbsd for use on something more apropos.

Went to the local Austin BSD meet up. Very good group.

46 2008-08-10

Testing out the yaws server yet again. See if I get OTP/Erlang down this time.

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