Tokyocabinet tokyo cabinet compresses Tyrant - Memcached protocol Tyrant - RESTful API Tyrant - Lua extensions Tyrant - Rplication

Redis: http://code.google.com/p/redis/ Data Structures: List, Hash, Set Communication: Network Persistence:Snapshot Client Lib Languages: Ruby, Python, PHP, Erlang, Tcl, Perl, Lua, Java Replication Server-toServer data movement In-server Set operations In-server Sorting Asynchronous snapshots

libjlog: https://lavs.omniti.com/trac/jlog Data Structure: Queue Communication: Local Persistence: Lifetime API Languages: C, Perl, PHP, Ruby is on it's way Bonus: Publish/Subscribe behavior

Beanstalkd Homepage http://xph.us/software/beanstalkd/ Data Structure: Queue Communications: Network Persistence:None now, Snapshot in v1.4 Bonus: Job Queue behavior

ZeroMQ: Plumbing message queue http://www.zeromq.org Data Structure: Queue Communications: Network Presistence: Lifetime API: C, C++, Java, Python, .Net, Mono, Ruby, Fortran, COBOL

Munging for data parsing data files. unpack() can be used to handle binary data. assoc() is slower than a hash, can lookup, callit on an array. A poor man's ordered hash

Day 3: Trellis for web content.